Postmedia Place Sustainability 

Postmedia Place cares about sustainability. That’s why we make implementing green initiatives a priority in everything that we do. We’ve added amenities, upgrades and enrolled in programs to ensure that we are promoting environmentally friendly practices in our day-to-day operations. 

Waste Diversion

We’ve taken appropriate measures to make sure that we minimize our waste. We offer recycling receptacles and are enrolled in a waste management program to ensure that we reduce our output of waste. 

Environmental Sustainability
Postmedia Place

Transit and Rideshare

Our central location makes environmentally friendly travel an easy way to commute. We are just minutes from the Sherbourne Subway Station on the Bloor/Danforth line, Yonge/Bloor line and easily accessible to Mount Pleasant Road and the Don Valley Parkway. We also offer Zipcar and AutoShare (Now Enterprise CarShare as ride share options. If you travel to work by bike, ask management about our secure bike storage to keep your mode of transportation safe.

White Roof 

Dark roofs absorb significantly more radiation than white roofs which reflect the heat back away from the building. With so much of heat being reflected, white roofs can save a significant amount of energy (and money!) 

BOMA Best Certified Gold

BOMA Gold certified

Recognition for Sustainability

“Certificate of Building Management Excellence” Award Winner

“Certificate of Building Management Excellence” Award Winner

Green Initiatives Update

We continuously look to improve our green initiatives and currently enjoy an Energy Star rating of 86%. This places us in the top 25% of our building class, and has been aided by our commitment to carry out an LED lighting retrofit at all our tenant suites, which has dramatically reduced our carbon footprint.

Other waste initiatives we’ve been involved in are as follows:

Waste Diversion

So far, in 2017, we have recycled 541lbs of fluorescent tubes, 50 gallons of paint, and 144lbs of batteries.

In 2011 we were operating at a 51% diversion rate, but due to our continued efforts, we are now enjoying a rate of 93.3%.

Earth Hour

On March 27th, 2017, we entered the BOMA Toronto and WWF Canada Earth Hour Challenge. This allowed us to successfully achieve a 45% reduction in hydro consumption (223kWh). Compared to the national average, this was 16 times higher, which ranked us within the top 10 buildings of Toronto within our category.

Earth Day

On April 22nd, 2017, we conducted our annual Green Initiatives Program in conjunction with GFL. This involved setting up tables and a booth in our main lobby, offering recycle containers to collect electronics, giving out informative pamphlets on a variety of environmentally-friendly schemes, and providing live videos on recycling. We also held a quiz with two prizes and gave away seedling sachets to tenants.

2016 Green Achievement Certificate

We were awarded this certificate due to the fact our energy reductions are 20% better than the BOMA average.


This program was initially set up in 2017 and we immediately registered to become a part of it. The aim of the program is to reduce operating costs and improve our energy efficiency, competing in a close-matched peer group with industry-wide recognition available for the top performers.


This program was introduced by Toronto Hydro, allowing us to set an electricity baseline and receive an incentive for every kWh we save annually for the next 4 years. Once our audits are complete, we will be registering with this program.

To date, we have already established energy-efficiency measures (EEM), have completed an ASHRAE Level 2 audit, and have installed real-time monitoring on the main Toronto hydrometer – something we also plan to do for natural gas.

With the measures we have implemented so far (since 2015), we have reduced our overall energy consumption by 6%. We plan to continue improving our buildings’ performance, carrying out continuous improvements that meet the stringent requirements set out by OpSaver. This will provide additional benefits to our tenants by tackling ever-rising energy costs.